Rampton Lodge

Saluda, North Carolina

A very deep respect for the preservation of mountain ridgeline views prompted the decision to locate this home “down slope” of the parcel’s hillcrest. The home was sited in an existing forest clearing with special measure taken to minimize the removal of mature hardwood trees. In turn, a careful topographic positioning allows for on-grade access of both main and upper floor elevations. A typical section cut through the home illustrates a shed roof pitch matching the site’s average slope. Of note is the blended grey color palette which serves as a camouflage of sorts, blending with the surrounding treebark columns.

The owners are avid mountain bikers with friends in tow on an average weekend visit. This passion inspired a suspended 2 story “bike chain” sculpture wall executed in wood and steel. A bicycle garage and mechanic’s area facilitate the convenient washing, storage and wrenching which go hand in hand with the sport. Adjacent to the home's entry, a large screened porch serves as a treehouse inspired retreat for those who choose to sleep “outside” and enjoy the mountain air after a day of cycling.