Protagonist Clubhouse

Charlotte, NC

With Brand Bureau NYC

Located in Charlotte’s NoDa arts district, Protagonist Clubhouse provides a totally unique tasting experience for the enthusiast and the beer-curious. The staff curates unique beers from around the world and, utilizing their advanced storage and serving technology, present them exactly as the brewers intended. They blend CO2 and nitrogen into individual draft lines in the on-site “flux capacitor” to provide precise mouthfeel. Kegs are cooled in multiple temperature zones — a design that enables Protagonist to serve varying styles at their appropriate temperatures.

Protagonist Clubhouse isn’t really a bar. It’s more of a specialized beer tasting facility. It isn’t supposed to feel like a bar, either. The space is very intimate, with seating for about 30 patrons.

The feel is very modern and minimal — a laboratory where customers conduct flavor
experiments. The white oak and neutral colors that dominate the room are accentuated with shiny, polished techno-gadgets. 26 taps emerge from the back wall of the bar, rather than cluttering up the bar surface. The centerpiece is the “flux capacitor.” Its complex array of gauges and red knobs look like the control panel for a ‘60s sci-fi spaceship.