Cliff Hangers

Mooresville, NC

At 20,000 Square feet in size this “Outside In” mountainscape is a climber’s wonderland.

In order to satisfy a zoning height limitation, the portion of the climbing floor which houses 50 foot tall walls was excavated and built below grade.  North Carolina’s only indoor 15 meter Competition Speed Wall shapes the building section, creating the apex of the multi- shed roof-scape.  The angular silhouette pays an obvious homage to our state’s many rugged ridgelines. 

Approaching the building entry one can witness climbers scaling an outdoor climbing wall in the seemingly precarious position directly above the front doors. Wood and natural stone visually frame this acrobatic spectacle.  Elsewhere the building’s metal skin pattern is inspired by the weathering of a rock face by water.

This multi level facility also houses bouldering areas, fitness and yoga rooms, a cafe and Kid’s Climbing areas.


Photos by Tim Buchman